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4KQ rear/center diff oil seal confusion

Hi All,

Did Audi change manufacturers of the rear differential half-way through
the '87 model year? A repair shop I intend to have the seal replaced at
said this is the reason why the left rear diff seal parts price may be
between CDN $22.60 and CDN $160.00, depending on which 'version' of rear
diff I have. I just looked at the diff and saw that it has 'AEC 15096'
stamped on it.

The local Audi dealer *insists* that the left rear diff seal is only
$22.60. They never asked me for any more information - which makes me
think there is only ONE part. Does anybody know who is right?

On another note, the center differential to driveshaft oil seal is also
leaking :-( Obviously the main driveshaft has to be removed to get at
this. Does anyone know if this means dropping the rear end out of the
car? The driveshaft appears as if it just unbolts at the center diff and
the rear diff ends. Any ideas as to parts and labour costs?

Thanks in advance,
Craig P.
'87 4KQ

PS Thanks to all who responded to my center diff filler plug question.