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an idea about my boost problem

OK all, here is my thinking, please correct me if im wrong.  From what 
people say, the ECU or anything electronic can reduce engine power by: 
retarding the timing, or cutting off the fuel via the fuel pump.  It 
however can not actually reduce the boost itself.  So no matter what 
electrical connection might be wrong in that car, nothing can be causing 
this problem if it is electrical...correct?

Therefor, it must be mechanical, which i think can be one of three 
things:  1. the turbo--no, its fine, it spools up very nicely, as much as 
1.4-1.5 bar by 2500-3000 rpm... 2. the wastegate--another thing that is 
not likely as the bennett's just installed a new spring, so if the WG was 
fishy, they would have noticed it.  3. the intake to turbo hose--this is 
what i think the problem is.  I took a look at it, it seems to be the 
proper type...it looks just like a normal coolant hose, just much 
larger...but the thing is that i can easily squeeze it and make it 
collapse by hand with almost no pressure.  How stiff is this hose 
supposed to be normally?  I compared it to Rocky's hose, which is the 
original spiral one, and it was much stiffer than what i have.....i cant 
imagine the hose would be able to stand up to much boost./...

anyone know what this hose is supposed to feel like?


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