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RE: $120 for plug wires

No need to pay that much.  About $20 of that cost is for the wire lume but
I recommend getting the lume, makes the job easy and neat looking.  You
can get them from a place like Blaufurgnugen for about $89 with lume or
$69 without lume.  OR, even better you can call Velocity Motorsports and
get some Blue Ingitors that are Silicon wires with OEM connectors and Lume
for about $80 or so.  Nice looking and Silicone too.  OR, Call Nuespeed
and have them make you up some 8mm Silicone wires for about $100 in REd,
Yellow or Blue.  OR pay big bucks for some other brands that have killer
wires you dont need unless you have a very modified ignition system that
needs $200 wires. :-)   I went witht he Blue Ignitors (have lifetime
warranty) and am happy with them.  L8R

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