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re: driving lights

Zsolt Kovacs <zsolt@telusplanet.net> wrote:

>I'm just going to install
>a pair of driving lights that are good on the highway, but I can leave
>them on when following someone. Kind of like a second pair of low beams
>(but good ones). What do you guys recommend I should get. I'm
>considering somwhere around 6" in diameter round Hella's or Bosh. An
>import autoparts guy I just talked to is recommending me Bosh because
>according to hime the silver coating of the Bosh is superior to all
>other. He says Cibie is the only other manufacturer who has that kind. I
>think I would still prefer Hella. Any advice?

It's the lens that will make the difference in the light, rather than the
reflector. Take a look at the Hella XL and the 550 fog (or 550FF fog if you
can still find any around). What you want is not a driving light but an
auxiliary low beam. Also 6" round (even a fog pattern) will be mistaken for
high beams, and you'll be flashed frequently.

Check out Ken Beard's site at http://www.catalog.com/susq for more
information. Ken's a good guy with reasonable prices.

While I've had good luck with all three brands you mention, Hella offers
the most flexibility in lens choice and availability. Cibie is tough to
find these days...although I was admiring a pair of *large* rectangular
lamps with that familiar logo on a truck last week... :)