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RE: picked up the UrQ, couple things wrong...

> A couple of you folks are making me feel much better about NOT going for
> the
> transplant on the CQ.  And at this current juncture the list is hearing
> only
> negative points regarding this particular CA shop (with regard to
> transplants).  Can others subject positive experiences?
(I recall hearing several people who have expressed satisfaction with the
2Bennett coilover kit.)  The only 2B MC swap I've seen is into a 4kQ (Duane
Hale's), and I thought it looked pretty nice.  The car won the people's
choice award at the New Dimensions show, with the only negative comments I
heard having to do with the sheet metal core support that 2B had fabbed ...
but hey, it is a bit of a squeeze to shoehorn a turbo motor into a small NA
car!  I would expect it to be a bit less problemmatic in a QTC, but in any
case dropping a different engine into a car for which it was not originally
designed can pose problems that are difficult to resolve without doing the
swap and driving it around for a bit.  2Bennett is also hamstrung a bit by
the fact that they need to transplant all of the parts from the original MC
so as not to have issues with CARB approval.  I wonder how many MC
conversions they have done into an ur-q ... maybe they haven't had to deal
with the hose collapsing before.  Anyone who is contemplating a swap to a
different motor should go into it anticipating this sort of small annoyance
IMO ...

I guess the only way to get any sort of a guarantee is to buy from a vendor
that goes out and buys a car like yours and an engine and does the first
swap on their own dime ... I think this is what Ned does, if he indeed will
do engine swaps.  I doubt that you'd be able to get the conversion done that
way for the sort of money that 2B charges this way though ...

Disclaimer: I have only spoken to the Bennett brothers on the phone and have
no direct experience with any of their products nor financial interest in
their business (IOW ... IUD!)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)