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THANKS for helping on S6

Thanks everyone for you input and advice!

Had the car checked by Schaumburg Audi this morning.  They found a
couple of very minor things, but said that the car was in excellent

They said they had seen a couple of doors binding the way this one
did.  Requires the bottom hinge to be replaced ($378).  The dealer
(German Auto Werks) will take care of that, as well as a couple of
other minor things, and Monday I should be the proud new owner of an
Audi S6!!!

Seeing it the second time, the car looked better than the first go
around!  Maybe I have just caught the S6 bug...

Thanks again,


PS:  My 911 is sold for those of you who were interested.  Gave the
keys to the new owner today.  Sigh....

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