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RE: picked up the UrQ, couple things wrong...

> > The only 2B MC swap I've seen is into a 4kQ ...
> Essentially, of course, that's what the factory did with the MB engine
> in the ur-quattro.
... no question ... but I doubt that the factory went to a wrecking yard and
pulled an MC engine out of a 200 and just dropped it into the QTC's body ...

I guess this means that 2B needs to get the fiche for the MB-equipped QTC
and just order the different parts to make it work from Tim ... let's see,
that would probably include the airbox and intercooler, as well as perhaps
the fuel distributor and the intake/exhaust plumbing & mechanicals ...
shipped to the US from Europe.  Then after that, they'd need to go through
the process of getting it CARB approved ... all for a few grand?  Yeah,
they'd do it ... it WOULD be the correct way to do it ... (and probably IS
what Dave Lawson did ... :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)