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>> You just found your gremlin.  That hose is collapsing under the suction
>> of the turbo trying to get enough air to provide 6+ psi of boost to an
>> engine turning more than 4000rpms.
>> One option that I've heard of people doing is to replace that hose with
>> a piece of metal pipe and just use some short sections of rubber hose
>> and clamps to connect it to the intake spout and down by the turbo.
>... agreed.  What I suggested offline to Michael is that he could simulate
>the reinforcements like are on the Audi-spec'd hose for the ur-q by
>installing tie wraps every couple inches along the length of the hose ...
>I remember some time back that someone posted information about where one
>could get reinforced hose similar to the stuff that Audi uses in different
>diameters.  While I'm sure this solution would be more expensive than using
>a solid metal pipe, you wouldn't have to deal with the logistics of getting
>the right sort of pipe and having it bent

I have no knowledge of the Urq plumbing layouts, so this may be completely
useless.  But some of us with NA 20V's have redone the intake plumbing
using 3" PVC from the local plumbing supply.  It would be easier to
work with than metal pipe, the downside is that you can't bend it,
rather, you piece together various angled elbow pieces.


Matt Rooke