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Re: Type-44 5k with TDI engine?

In a message dated 12/3/98 7:04:16 PM Central Standard Time, whitson2@gte.net

<< The TDI is a much better engine. No problems starting in the winter. Has
 much more power than you would think. I wish VWoA/AoA would start shipping
 those 2.5's over here. I love the 42mpg my Passat gets. I have a Passat TDI
 which is more fun to drive, sometimes, than my 4kq. >>

Not to mention if you take a N/A gas engine of similar size, a TDI will always
produce greater and flatter torque curve while getting superior mileage.  In
fact you can purchase a Wetteraur(SP) chip that pumps a 1.9 TDI up to 189
ft/lbs of torque, that's more than a stock VR6!!, and a whopping 115
horsepower, but as we all know torque is what keeps you in your seat.. Oh and
you still can get up to 50 MPG on the highway...