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Re: MC/kh/ distributors same

	Anyone know the shaft lengths for either the MC or KH so I can try
to figure this out?  
	Chris, thanks for the info on the UR-Q unit.  

	Todd Phenneger
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On Thu, 3 Dec 1998 Autobahn01@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 98-12-03 00:17:21 EST, phen9461@uidaho.edu writes:
> << 	I have a KH turbo motor and am wondering if the distributor is the
>  same as the MC motor?  I know it is different than the 4kq unit I think
>  since 4kq uses Vacuum advance but dont know about MC.  Also, what about
>  the UR-Q distributor.  Will it work too? >>
> The ur-q dist(WX) is different from the MC in the shaft length, hence no-go
> for a swap. I'm not sure on the KH, but if the shafts are the same length, I'd
> bet it'd work just fine.
> -Cheers
> Chris Semple
> '83 TQC