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alignment questions

For the suspension setup experts... Should I stick with the stock spec'd
camber and toe in on my 2wd coupe or something "different" to take into

lowering springs (1-1/4 F 3/4 R approx), stock shocks
nasty wide 215-45's on 15" wheels with 10mm "less" offset than stock
(et35 instead of et45)

no racetrack considerations, just want the best balance, handling in
street driving, mostly casual highways & a bit around town.

Any suggestions appreciated as I really need to throw an alignment into
this thing soon, it's got a mild pull to the left which is irritating as
heck - and will be dangerous if it ever snows around here.

The camber is pretty much maxxed out (ball joints all the way out) to
get in spec already, has been that way ever since I put the springs on. 
The caster is not adjustable on the 2wd coupe.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT