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Re: eurolights on an A4?

> For the Bosch unit, it's the same bulbs as US-stock, but a different
> reflector and glass lenses instead of polycarbonate. I need to try
> my
> headlights again, but I don't think the US-Spec has the "bulge"
> on the side

They do. Very nice lights (finally!) Nothing wrong with the US-spec A4
headlamps that slightly higher wattage wouldn't solve. Ultimate high-beam
distance is limited, of course. Triple digit speeds at night will still
demand auxillary lighting (any ideas?). Otherwise fine. Nice integral fogs.

BTW, the LL Tek below-bumper fogs are $369! Plus $25 for brackets for the
A4. I don't think so....

Steve P - 98.5 A4TQMS - 97 Passat GLX - 94 Kawa ZG1000