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Re:info on 84 4000Q

Dear Jeff,

I am not the best at these cars yet, but the temp thing could be just a low
resevoir.  These are like the 5k and 200, sensitive senders.  You can get
the hood latch open by crawling under the car with some stiff wire or the
like and pulling open both sides that way, but maybe get them to open it. 

Hopefully the previous owner opened the hood occasionally! 

Anyways, get someone you know who can check out the car, especially the
diffs and the clutch.  Both epensive fixes.  Make sure all electricals work
on these too.  AC clutch quiet when operating? Diffs engage and disengage
easily? In other words, the 4k is probably more bullet proof, but still an
Audi, and can be very epensive it not cared for properly.  Ask for previous
owners name if nothing else.

Take the car through the full safe RPM in each gear, and be sensitive to
any bucking, hesitation. 

4k's can hide some rust in wheel wells and behind rear bumper.  Look
closely as well on hood lip, inside door frames, bottom of doors, and rear
quarter panels.  Somtimes inside trunk lid too.

 If you are still interested in car, you might get a decent price from a
Ford dealer who says 'they know nothing about the car.'  You do and will
have lots of amunition, if you know the weak spots on Audis


>Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 07:48:44 -0600
>From: "Jeff Cornell" <Jeff_Cornell@countrywide.com>
>Subject: info on 84 4000Q
>I saw a 84 4000Q fs at a Ford dealer last night.  They know nothing about
>the car.  As far as I could tell, everything worked.  No rust visible.
>Owners manual, but no records. Unfortunately the hood release was broken
>and it was dark, so I couldn't get under the hood.  Is there a way to get
>the hood open ?  Also, the temp light was flickering on, but the temp gauge
>was ok.  Any ideas on that or what else to look for ?  Car has 140 K.  I've
>looked at the 5000 and 200, but am not too familiar with the 4000.