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Daily,DerekSJMCG decided to speak these words:

>A couple of you folks are making me feel much better about NOT going for the
>transplant on the CQ.  And at this current juncture the list is hearing only
>negative points regarding this particular CA shop (with regard to
>transplants).  Can others subject positive experiences?

OK, lemme set the record straight before people start to think that im 
talking negatively about 2bennett.

There were some issues with the wiring in the car that caused the 
conversion to take a few weeks longer.  They got the car started on 
monday night, and i called them tuesday morning and they told me that it 
was running really well, but they hadnt gotten a chance to do a full road 
test. We discussed how much was owed, and i told them that i would pick 
up the car that night.  They had not discovered this boost problem as by 
this point they were doing easy runs around town to see if there were any 
codes being generated.  So after i had left for Davis (which is about 2 
hours from my house), they apparently found the boost problem.  I got up 
there and they immediately informed me of this problem.  I had been 
wanting the car so badly, and had no other car to drive at the time, that 
i told Andrew that i wanted to take it even in its "diminished" state.  I 
was plenty happy with the performance for the real world, and only a 
couple times did i find the diminished boost a hinderance...  So it wasnt 
a big deal to me, i just wanted to ask you guys for info so i could get 
some peace of mind.  I know absolutely nothing about this engine and how 
to diagnose anything, and since i know just about anything about the 4kq, 
practically at least, it was very disconcerting to be in a position of 
helplessness...so i wrote to you guys regarding the problem.

I still feel that they did an excellent job on the conversion.  Keep in 
mind that they really didnt do any real fixes after they got it running, 
and it does run beautifully except for the boost thing....so that is 
pretty damn good as far as i am concerned....It was a huge undertaking, 
so im impressed at the level of success that they reached on the first 

Yeah, if you have the time to give them your car for at least a month, I 
would recommend them. keep in mind that its just Andrew and one other guy 
working on these cars all the time, you realize why they are sometimes 
taking a long time.  With the amount of business they get, and the number 
of employees they have, its understanable.

I would recommend them highly for their mechanical skill, if not the 
timeliness, which is not THAT big of a deal to me considering the 
undertaking that this conversion was.

Please do not talk crap about them, i consider the brothers to be friends 
of mine at this point, and i dont want that friendship hurt by a 
misunderstanding such as what seems to be occuring here.

thank you in advance.


Michael Sheridan Williams
ICQ# 11740998
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exhaust, BFG CompT/A ZR Tires
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