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Re: alignment questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Huw Powell say:

> For the suspension setup experts... Should I stick with the stock spec'd
> camber and toe in on my 2wd coupe or something "different" to take into
> account:
> lowering springs (1-1/4 F 3/4 R approx), stock shocks
> nasty wide 215-45's on 15" wheels with 10mm "less" offset than stock
> (et35 instead of et45)
> no racetrack considerations, just want the best balance, handling in
> street driving, mostly casual highways & a bit around town.
> Any suggestions appreciated as I really need to throw an alignment into
> this thing soon, it's got a mild pull to the left which is irritating as
> heck - and will be dangerous if it ever snows around here.
> The camber is pretty much maxxed out (ball joints all the way out) to
> get in spec already, has been that way ever since I put the springs on. 
> The caster is not adjustable on the 2wd coupe.

I agree with the suggestion to run a small amount of negative
camber. I run -0.5 degrees on my 100Q, and it improves the
handling significantly. Better dial-in on corners, better straight
tracking on the highway. I think -1.0 degrees is a bit much; you
start to get into tire-chewing territory. Angela's 90Q20V has -1.3
(not our choice; something is busted), and she chews up the inside
corners of her front tires every 10K miles. We rotate as needed.

I can't say what effect lowering springs will have though....


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