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RE: 4kq acting strangely when soaked!


>From my Audi experience this is caused by a little moisture in the fuse box.
The last time this happened to me coming down from VT in a raging rain
storm.  Well the Oil light kept on coming on so I would pull over and check
it one than once and got real wet each time.  Make the gasket on the fuse
cover is holding.  Good luck.


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> Sent:	Friday, December 04, 1998 3:16 AM
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> Subject:	4kq acting strangely when soaked!
>  Hello all...
> I have an '86 4kq and was drving in some pretty wet weather this evening..
> It started to cut out and I would have to keep the pedal floored and it
> would 
> finally catch and take off (with clutch depressed)... I checked dist. cap
> can rotor both appeared fine (no dampness)
> The thing that irritated me the most was the center diff lock light 
> was flickering on and off... What in the world does this mean???
> Vacuum leak possibly??? Then when I tried to lock it it would not 
> light up but seemed to be locking....
> Electrical gremlins possibly???
> TIA!
> Rich Andrews
> rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu