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Re: Type-44 5k with TDI engine?

At 19:15 3.12.98 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>I beg to ask, why not just buy a 5k TD?

Because the TDI, both when it comes to technical aspects as well as
seat-of-the-pants experience, is a completely different beast. It doesn't
have an impressive horsepower, but you know the saying, "horsepower sells
cars, but torque wins races". And when it comes to torque, then:
- the mother of TDIs, 5-cyl 2.5l 120hp engine used in late 44-chassis cars
has 15% higher torque that stock MC engine
- the little 4-cyl 1.9l 110hp with variable geometry turbocharger has only
5% less torque than MC
- the new V6 150hp 2.5 TDI has as much torque as 3B motor!

>Not to mention a PITA to start in the winter time

The key here is to use proper fuel (resistant to low temperatures). Normal
diesel fuel starts to cure below 0 degrees Celsius, hence clogging fuel
lines and filter. If proper winter fuel is not available, you can
substitute with a number of widely available fuel additives. My mother used
to drive an '81 Datsun Bluebird diesel and never had starting problems even
during -20 celsius weather. Newer cars have electrically heated fuel filters.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
91 mountain bike (just in case both cars broke at the same time :-)