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Keyless entry successfully retrofitted for '98 A4

Last night I took my car in for it's 15K mile service and to get my remote
locking retrofitted to my non-convenience package equipped '98.5 A4.  They did
the service without screwing anything up, which is a first for this dealer.

I gave them to 2 remotes that I ordered from Clair, and I gave the 2 pages
worth of postings from A4.org that shows them that a non keyless entry
equipped A4 can be retrofitted to have that feature just by buying the remotes
and "activating" the keyless computer.  All the info on the keyless entry
activation had references that it would take 20 minutes and most dealers
charge $50 or so for it.  

Boy was I surprised that they were able to activate the keyless entry, AND
they didn't charge me for it!  In looking at my paperwork, it seems they had
done an "alarm system diagnosis" that supposedly took 1.5 hours.  So, I guess
they figured they could call it a warranty claim, and get 1.5 hours of
reimbursement from Audi, and that's more money than the $50 they would have
charged me.

Boy do I love keyless entry!   Next, the remote range TSB.....

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