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Re: 95 S6 Remote Locking/quattro coupe sighting

At 09:24 AM 12/4/98 -0500, Stefan Richter wrote:
>	I'm not certain what you mean by remote locking, but the ignition key has
>an infrared sensor that locks and unlocks the door when pointed at that
>protrusion between the front and rear door.  Works to about 30 feet.


Either my IR remote lock/unlock is not functioning properly or it would
appear you have a decimal error.  Three feet, not thirty, is more like it
for my S6.  BTW, this did not change with fresh batteries for the IR
transmitter in the key.  The IR receiver in the B pillar is clean.  The
line of sight is unobstructed.  Sometimes I can operate it from as far away
as either bumper - never any greater distance.  Sometimes I must approach
as close as about 1 foot distance to operate the locks.  Three feet seems
about the usual sensitivity.

Anyone have a suggestion which might allow me the luxury of unlocking the
doors from 30 feet?

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