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Re: 95 S6 Remote Locking/quattro coupe sighting

I have the same sensitivity with my remote locks, only about 3-5 feet.

Sometimes I lose the functionality alltogether and I have to push the button
5 times and then unlock the car manually and it relearns the codes.

I have also tried new batteries (the old ones still work) in thinking I
would get better sensitivity, to no avail.

30 feet would be nice :)

94 S4

>Either my IR remote lock/unlock is not functioning properly or it would
>appear you have a decimal error.  Three feet, not thirty, is more like it
>for my S6.  BTW, this did not change with fresh batteries for the IR
>transmitter in the key.  The IR receiver in the B pillar is clean.  The
>line of sight is unobstructed.  Sometimes I can operate it from as far away
>as either bumper - never any greater distance.  Sometimes I must approach
>as close as about 1 foot distance to operate the locks.  Three feet seems
>about the usual sensitivity.
>Anyone have a suggestion which might allow me the luxury of unlocking the
>doors from 30 feet?