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Re: Audi-engined AMC: peripheral Audi content

Jordan wrote:

> Gee-
> If Audi built engines for AMC, did Audi take it upon itself  to look at
> AMCs all-wheel drive and take-off on it in the '80s? :}
> Wait. Wait Wait; okay I surely don't know what gave Audi the idea to create
> an all-wheel drive system, but it just interesting to note that AMC and
> their Eagle prior to Audi and the ur-Quattro.
> Please no Flaming;  just smile.
> Jordan '90 90
> P.S. Not that I ever know what they hell I'am talking about.

 I owned an '81 Eagle Avant for a year back in 1986, then I went to college
and sold it because I didn't want to be making car payments. I have regretted
it ever since. It was the full time AWD model [not part time like later
models] and man could it go through the snow. I even went down into a ditch
and pulled a car out with it. That's why my latest car is an Audi,
unfortunately I couldn't afford a decent quattro. Next Audi will definitely be
a quattro though. I still see some of them around the Twin Cities and am
surprised at the good shape most of them are in, maybe they are really Audis
rebadged by AMC. :-)

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