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Re: Valentine One upgrade?

> This brings up an interesting question...I bought a V1 because I had "heard"
> it was the best and I "believe" its the best, but is there any data out there
> to support this, i.e. sensitivity vs. other detectors?  Anyone had any luck
> with the laser warning.  I drive the NY Thruway where laser is becoming the
> weapon of choice and had two adrenaline charged episodes but didn't get pulled
> over either time.  I'm wondering if perhaps I picked up the car ahead of me
> getting checked?  The V1 manual seems to make this seem pretty unlikely, as in
> if you get a laser warning, your toast.


> Even if I don't speed I think the V1 is about the most awesome detector out
> there currently just because of the information it presents.
> Just my .02
> chris perry