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Misc. urq/5ktq/coupe parts 4-sale

End of year shop cleaning!  Many cool items from cancelled projects.

Huge sale!  Details below.

1987 944 turbo FRONT calipers, 4 piston Brembo; these are identical to the
rears I sold mid-summer for the same car, except the pistons are bigger.
Came off a 944T
with 90k miles.  $200/offer

1997 Audi A8 front rotors.  New in box.  These were purchase new for a
brake project I have since abandoned.  Now all you need is a set of
calipers/carriers from an A8 and you have a relatively cheap brake upgrade
kit for the non-ufo V8, '91 200tq, and S4!  $200 firm (BTW, $200 is about
$40 less than you can buy them from Linda at Carlsen and likely the
cheapest you will ever see these rotors).  

New set of front and rear Boge Turgo Gas shock inserts for the 4kq.  $225.

New pair of rear Boge Turbo Gas shocks for the '91+ 200, all V8, S4, etc.

New pair of rear Koni red adjustable shocks for the pre-'91 type 44 quattro
cars.  These are no longer available (per RD Enterprises) in the US. best
offer over $200 (I can return them for that).

Set of 4 Ronal R-8, 15x8, 24mm offset, 5x112mm wheels; the sought after
ones which came stock on the 1985 urq.  These are in great condition.  One
wheel was bent on the inside and straightened this year.  was $800, now $650

1987 5ktqw "5000CS" logo'd driver's floor mat, black, new (no pass. side)
$10 each (have a few)

Other items:

1987	5ktqw	front axleshafts w/ABS		50	each
1987	5ktqw	rear axleshafts w/ABS, good boots	50	each
1987	5ktqw	right front window regulator	50	
1987	5ktqw	right/left rear window regulator	50	each
1987	5ktqw	starter motor				30	
1987	5ktqw	AC condenser, charged		30	
1987	5ktqw	AC compressor, charged		offer 	
1987	5ktqw	Alternator (needs brushes)		40	
1987	5ktqw	power lock vac pump			20	
1987	5ktqw	rear brake calipers, not seized 	50	each
1987	5ktqw	P/S pump, core			20	
1987	5ktqw	wiper motor/trans 			25	
1987	5ktqw	door handles				10	each
1982	urq	aux. radiator, not leaking when removed	50	
1985	5k	OEM 14" alloys, flat faced, no covers 4x108 bolt pattern	25	each
1987	5ktqw	radio cass deck, core	20	
1985	4kq	exhaust manifold/downpipe	100	
1987	5ktqw	intercooler 	100	
1987	5ktqw	stock front/rear springs	50	set
1987	5k	headlight, left, DOT, great condition with amber turn signal	100	
1987	5ktqw	dash, black, perfect, no IC, switches, etc.	50	
1987	5ktqw	rear hatch, with spoiler and glass, dark grey, small dent	50	
1985	5kt	downpipe, from FWD automatic, stainless	25	

Buy the whole wrecked '87 5ktqw for a BIG discount!  (Sorry, engine and all
stuff for MC conversion is gone.)

E-mail me with your needs; I have a ton of other 5ktq/urq/coupe stuff
laying around and I am in the mood to clean house!

Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR