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RE: V8 Codes and troubles, surging

> I'm wondering if a problem that caused the RPMs to jump up in steps might
> not be related to the tranny (assuming that you probably have an automatic)
> ... for which codes can be read out as well ... 

Hhhmmmm.. interesting....  

I've been battling the stepped acceleration since I bought my V8
60k miles ago....

Don't think I've ever dumped the tranny codes......

I'll try that this weekend.

I've managed to effect the symptoms, but never been able to
completely cure it :-(  Pass & Weisz and Eurosport where no help.

Things replaced or messed with:

Right distributor/cap/rotor/hall sender
Left cap/rotor
O2 sensor (just installed my 2nd one, to cure loss of 3-4mpg, erratic idle,
           near stalling when stone cold and stinky smell....technical term)
Head Temp Sensor

Measured ohm on damn near every sensor I could find....

Even put an adjustable potentiometer into many harness connectors
to trick the cpu that it was geting the correct ohm rating on some sensors....

Still runs great for first 30 seconds, then surges.  

Surging get's less noticeable as car warms up, but never completely
goes away.

One thing I've thought about doing is putting in octane booster so the
cpu would be able adjust timing better.

I'm thinking maybe when I'm giving it throttle it needs to keep retarding
timing to stop from pinging.

Any Takers to make suggestions ?

Mike L.
90 V8
89 100 Avant