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Noughty Neighbor cont......

A couple of weeks ago I told you fellow Audi nuts about  the neighbor
across the street who, I believe, backed into my car with his Suburban.
Well I confronted the guys wife in the nicest possible way about my
theory of how he did it and maybe didn't know he did it.
My car was creased in the driver side ft fender, and his car easily
could have done the dammage with out any large bang, bump or anything
that would feel or sound like a collision.  Anyway, Mrs S. said "I am
blown away that you think we would do something like that and not tell
you"  Well I said " You guys are moving in 2 weeks ".  She went
ballistic on me! Typical over emotional female.  OK so 2 weeks later
they move away not saying a damn thing to us.(these people were our
friends, our kids played together all the time)  So they are gone but
the dent in my car is still there.  Dent Pro quotes me $250.00 to fix it
(paintless 12 inch crease). Dads dismantler quotes me $75.00 for a
fender with a small ding (same color)  So I got the fender and I plan to
install it this weekend.  Wish me luck !
Dan Hamren
Redwood City CA