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Re: I really dont need this...

Hey Jim
Glad you used the MS approach rather then
The Mac Approach= panicing, throwing your hands in the air screaming this is
not suppose to happen, then paying for far to expensive repair bills that do
not even fix the problem
The Linix/Unix Approach= Throwing your hands in the air, and totalling the
car and then starting from scratch and excepting that as a way of life.
The Netscape Approch= Blaming your troubles on BMW for being to competitive,
and also causing your car problems, as well as the rest of the worlds

And I could go on and on
Glad you and the car are okay, funny how we have come to accept that

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Subject: I really dont need this...

> Took a trip out tonight to get some cash, I didn't intend to be long so I
> just took my atm card, no coins or ID. Nearest ATM had a comms error so I
> decided to head for the next closest that was run by a different bank.
> is in the centre of York, approaching the city centre I found it full of
> people at 8pm...then the light dawned, thursday nights in December are
> night christmas shopping and the city centre is closed to vehicles.
> Eventually I ended up at a cash point on the other side of town. Got the
> cash - Ur-q wouldn't start. No chugging or anything - completely dead, not
> even a click from the starter relay. There I was, in a rather iffy
> neighbourhood, after dark, in heavy rain, with a large sum of cash on my
> person, a dead car, no ID and no way to contact any recovery. I figured
> if I walked to a late-night store to get change for the phone the chances
> the quattro still being in one piece when I got back were pretty low, so I
> tried the microsoft method - got out, locked it, armed the alarm, walked
> yards, walked back, unlocked it and it started first time.
> Maybe tomorrow will be better....
> Jim Haseltine