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RE: speakers in a 4kcsq

>Has anyone put larger than factory spkrs in the rear deck?  What was
>involved with the installation?
>Front Dash speaker replacements?
	Yep, sure have.  for the Rear it is easy.  I have done
5.25/6.5/6x9 in three separate 4kqs.  6x9 can fit but needs a spacer and
to get decent bass you need to cut out the hole in the lower brace above
the gas tank.  Lost of work, NOT worth it.   5.25" is easy but not much
Bass.  I recommend 6.5" in rear deck, fits pretty easy.  Pull rear deck
and put on workbench to cut holes.  Cut so that bottom of speaker will
just reach where the rear deck angles up.  Any more and you will have an
air gap.  The top will stick up just a tad but if dont right you wont have
any air gaps.  Then bolt up tight and install with grilles if screw on
grilles or put rear deck in and then grilles if snap on.  BTW, I love my
Boston Rally's and their Snap on Grilles which NEVER fall of.  Also, if
you can afford $200 for rear speakers I highly recomend the Boston 5.25"
plate speakers in back.  Great sounding, look good, easy to mount as fit
in stock hole because of plate they mount in, separate tweeter, more Bass
than most 6.5" speakers.  They are the Rally or Pro series, should be $200
at most places.
	For front you are limited.  You CAN fit a 4" speaker under the
factory grille in dash but requires cutting grille from factory speaker,
using a dremmel to make room for speaker in hole and installing.  I would
do this though if you want stock locations but that is a HORRIBLE
locationn for speakers.  NO imaging whatsoever as speakers are WAY to
close to you ears and reflect off windshield.  I recommend carefully
cutting into bottom front of front door panels and mounting a nice 5.25"
speaker.  For the money the Boston Rally RX-57 cant be beat, about $140
retail I think.  How serious are you going to go.  If you like REALLY loud
music that is a little bright then the Boston CX or anything else could do
but the Rally's are VERY smooth and pleasing with decent Bass response and
no harshness.  They mount pretty well about 2" up and 2.5" back from edges
of panel I think.  You CAN leave pocket with the Rally's and it doesn't
change the sound much as about 60% of speaker is above pocket (Just dont
stack stuff inside pocket)  With separates you could mount tweeter just up
from the edge of the pocket.  IN my 84' 4kq with the 1/2 length pocket I
simply moved it to the rear of the door panel.  Anyhow, this setup looks
fine but is not stealth really as you can see the nice speakers you have.
As a plus if you leave pocket in place you can put a map in front to hide
speaker if worried about theft when you are not listening to them.  I
think 5.25" is about the biggest you will fit there as there is alot of
metal to fit it between and the power window motor behind it so dont get a
REAL deep unit or it may not fit.  IF you wanted to do a stealth setup you
could probably fit the Rally (Which is a shallow speaker for its size)
behind the pocket and leave the thin audi cloth in place with holes
drilled in it  or similar sound through material or buy the Separtate and
see if they fit behind and mount tweeter where it is hard to see from
outside.  Bass should go through cloth fine but tweeters will not as well.

>I am in the midst of purchasing a decent stereo for this car and I am
>finding out that my acoustical options are very limited.  I am looking
>for any and all suggestions from those on the list with any insight about
>installing equip in this car.

	Also, If you dont have AC for some reason, a small displacement 8"
like a Kicker Solo will fit up where the AC condensor used to be above the
passengers feet.  An Amp can fitunder the passenger seat if it is not very
tall. (My Battery is in the trunk with the Amps right next to it)  Some
mount the amps by the Gas Tank behind a false trunk back for security
reasons.  That is good too.  
	If you have any more questions let me know.  I am also sending
this to myself for my own archives to send people in the future.

	Todd Phenneger
	1984 4000s quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
	1987 4000cs quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
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