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Re: type 44->a6/100 CC update info(long, but worth it!)

On Sat, 5 Dec 1998, Andrew Duane USG wrote:

> > > heads are definately NOT.  The a6/100 unit is:
> > > -much more intelligent
> > > -uses a second temp sensor
> > 
> > Our unit has 2 temp sensors, does it not? One on the top of the dash there
> > and one next to the sunroof switch? I certainly thought that was the case.
> Yup, both my '89 100Q and '90 90Q have two sensors: dash and roof.

Are we talking in-car temperature sensors or outside temp sensors?  The 
5000 has two outside air temp senspors, one at the front grill and one in 
the plenum at the base of the windshield.  It uses one in-car sensor at 
the middle of the dash top pad.

> The other thing that I remember is that the old type 44 is completely
> vaccuum driven, the new 100/A6 is electronic. Doesn't sound like they'd
> be even remotely compatible.

The 5000 is completely vacuum driven except for the temp door inside the 
module which is driven by an electric servo motor through a bowden 
cable.  The cable BTW is prone to failure (since you can't push on a 
rope) but it is very easy to replace and only a couple bux at the dealer.

Graydon D. Stuckey
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