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Re: V8 Codes and troubles

In a message dated 12/5/98 12:15:55 AM Eastern Standard Time, BernieD1@aol.com

<<  However my
 dealer insisted that the o2 on my car was ok. They could have done the work
 but refused! (But they did charge me to check it) They insisted that it was
 the fuel. I wagered a lunch that it was more than that but agreed to try
 (I was using amoco) premium for several trankfuls. After about 5 tanks the
 surging dissapeared. I owe them lunch. Try Mobil if you can get it. It's
 cheaper than an o2! >>
Hmmm- Thats strange, I use AMOCO exclusively, have 120K miles on my V8 and
have never had any surging. Original O2 sensor also. It was however
disconected for at least a year due to dealer screw up.
Frank Santoro
1990 V8(for sale)
1998 a8