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Re: Any Experience with Schaumburg Throttle Body upgrade on V6 ?

I've heard several good reviews of this mod from different listers--some
are more glowing than others, but all claim some kind of improvement in
low-end torque.  My guess is that this mod is best coupled with a K&N
panel and a modification to the air intake tube (at least on the 90). 
The exhaust system is actually pretty good, that would be lower down on
my list of important mods, especially considering how constrictive the
stock throttle body is.

RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
> Mike Larosa said:
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> I ask because I'm contemplating a 100csqw and they are known
> for being somewhat slow.......
> As in my wife's 89 100 Avant Automatic feels quicker...
> We looked last year for a 100csqw but the slowness turned
> us away.
> The prices of 100csqw's have come down enough now that, buying
> then upgrading it may be worthwhile :-)
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> European Car did this mod on their '96 A4 12V, and had some slight gains in
> acceleration as a result....but then the gain could have been because the
> engine had loosened up some by the time they did their mod.  They didn't do a
> back to back test, just threw the mod on, and compared the numbers to what the
> car did when they first got it.  I think your best bet is exhaust on that
> car.....but I have never owned one.
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