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Re: Seat movement

At 08:27 PM 12/5/98 -0500, Daniel Hussey wrote:
>I know I've asked this before, but never got a good difinitive answer.
I've got a 200tq and my seat tends to move (or rock back...hard to tell)
when I corner sharply, etc.  This is annoying.
>Anyone know EXACTLY what it is???  I'd really like to nip this in the but
while I've got some time to work on the car over the holidays.

most likely the seat is broken where the pan is welded to the tubular frame.
if the lower, rear carpet-type trim on the seat bottom is loose where it
should ride in the steel channel, i can almost guarantee this is your problem.
it's a common problem.
i'm not sure what the implications are for the safety restraint system.
i am trying to find a driver's power seat from a 5k previously owned by a
95 pound lady to replace mine.