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Re: Any Experience with Schaumburg Throttle Body upgrade on V6 ?

There is a rumor around (maybe heard on the q-list?) that somone(s) with the
mod from Schaumberg had trouble, where the piece failed in the open
position, giving them full-on throttle. Not sure if it is true, though. I
think TAP has their own as well.
Jon Linkov
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Date: Saturday, December 05, 1998 11:06 PM
Subject: Re: Any Experience with Schaumburg Throttle Body upgrade on V6 ?

>I've heard several good reviews of this mod from different listers--some
>are more glowing than others, but all claim some kind of improvement in
>low-end torque.  My guess is that this mod is best coupled with a K&N
>panel and a modification to the air intake tube (at least on the 90).
>The exhaust system is actually pretty good, that would be lower down on
>my list of important mods, especially considering how constrictive the
>stock throttle body is.
>RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
>> Mike Larosa said:
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>> -----------------
>> I ask because I'm contemplating a 100csqw and they are known
>> for being somewhat slow.......
>> As in my wife's 89 100 Avant Automatic feels quicker...
>> We looked last year for a 100csqw but the slowness turned
>> us away.
>> The prices of 100csqw's have come down enough now that, buying
>> then upgrading it may be worthwhile :-)
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>> -----------------
>> European Car did this mod on their '96 A4 12V, and had some slight gains
>> acceleration as a result....but then the gain could have been because the
>> engine had loosened up some by the time they did their mod.  They didn't
do a
>> back to back test, just threw the mod on, and compared the numbers to
what the
>> car did when they first got it.  I think your best bet is exhaust on that
>> car.....but I have never owned one.
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