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Swapping an I5 Diesel - Here Ya Go!

> If you are referring to a regular turbo diesel, (the older ones)
> dropping one into a 5k is a snap. The engine is COMPLETLEY mechanical, and
> does not require ANY kind of computer to operate. In fact, if you could
> start the engine by hand, it would run all by itself.

I've got to chime in on the diesel quattro thread ... since that's been
a plot in the back of my mind for several years.

First, in the corner of my garage ...
       in the corner of my garage under all the stuff ...
       in the corner of my garage under all the stuff there is this
          diesel engine.  
       This 5 cylinder Audi diesel engine.  
       This 5 cylinder Audi diesel engine that runs fine.
	 (As Arlo would have said)

This engine is an unturboed 2.0 liter I5 engine out of about a 1979
Audi, with a 4 speed manual transmission attached.  The clutch is
shot, which is how I came by the car some years ago.  I also have an
Audi turbo diesel turbo unit.  I figure the MC engine intake and
exhaust manifold will fit to the diesel cylinder head, and then by
adapting the TD turbo to the MC manifolds it should work fine.  The
injection pump is not a problem ... it won't have the pressure
compensator on it, but I know how to adjust the overall injection
amount to compensate for the turbo's air volume.

Since the MC engine has lasted about 100,000 miles longer than I
riginally figured, and since I've figured how to make wastegate
springs and all that stuff - I now figure this diesel engine will
never see the inside of my quattro's engine compartment.

Besides, I've now got another 4WD turbo diesel ... the Dodge Ram
4x4 with a Cummins 5.9 liter turbo diesel  :=)

SO ... if anybody is interested in the Audi I5 diesel, I'll make you
such a deal that you won't be able to refuse ... and I probably
won't deliver it further than say ... 200 or 300 miles unless it's
an interesting proposition.  So how can you pass on that?

Next topic ... the 6 speed conversion.   I think that could be done
into an early A6Q with manual transmission, without much problem.
Conversion into an A6Q with automatic will be a pretty big deal
because of the auto to manual conversion issues.  I've done that
type of a swap before (not in an Audi), and IF you have all the
right parts to do the conversion, including all then interior parts,
it could be done.  There's a lot of checking that needs to be done
first, to make sure you don't run into little things like for
instance, a difference in driveshaft length.  But it'd be fun.

A couple of us around here have been trying to plot how to get an
A6Q TDI into the US, the 140hp version of course.  It's really
simple ... now follow this closely ... a friend's mother is Italian.
He's a US citizen, but his mother is still Italian.  So ... he could
claim dual Italian citizenship and get his Italian passport.  Then,
he goes to Italy, and buy's an A6Q TDI with European Community
licensing and plates.  Then, he goes to Italy and puts his US
passport intop his pocket and returns with his Italian passport for
a "visit".  A visit bringing his car with him.  His A6Q TDI that is.
Once it gets here, it could get lost, wrecked or some such, or even
worse it could go back to Italy with a V6 gas engine and get sold again 
over there.   Now, isn't that simple?  Yeah, I thought you'd see it 
that way.

Anybody even a little interested in that I5 diesel engine please let
me know - I'm really going to hate to throw it away and I'm going to
hate it staying in my garage even more years a lot more even yet!

    - Charlie

Charlie Smith   charlie@elektro.cmhnet.org  614-471-1418  
Columbus, Ohio USA

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