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Re: Brake Failure / Ramblings (kinda long)

I looked at an '88 5000tq at a lot the other day. The saleskid
(comeplete with dental braces) asked if I wanted to start the car up. I
did. I showed him the large blinking triangle and told him that the
hydrolic system was out and not to drive the car. He said that the
warning was because I had the parking brake on. I said "No, that's
_this_ light here and you have no power assit on the steering either."
His reply:"These came with power steering?" 
    I went back yesterday and they had had the car "serviced". All they
did was fill up the bone dry pentosin tank. The rack had a torn boot and
was leaking. On the plus side it did have a working bomb. I drove it
just for fun and it wasn't any fun. 1.0 bar max. They started out asking
$6500. Yes, USD on a 192k mile car. Then it was $5.5k, then $4.5k then
$4000. Too much for me, although the body was very clean. Interior was
showing wear. I'm sure there was plenty more wrong with it.

> I must admit to some misgivings about Audi's designs.  The braking
> system is superb when in full working order, but I do feel that some
> of the warnings tend to trivialise what's really going on.  The braking
> system is so resilient that, IMO, it gets over-trusted.
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