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Fw: '91 100 PS Hose/pump question...

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From: mlcmlcmlc <mlcmlc@enter.net>
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Date: Sunday, December 06, 1998 11:44 AM
Subject: Re: '91 100 PS Hose/pump question...

>Hi List Personnel,
>What is the number for this Carlson place so frequently mentioned on the
>List ? I may need a few original factory bits for my 91 200Q. I take it the
>person tp speak to is "Linda" ??  Anything else I need to mention to get
>good pricing, etc. ?? Any info much appreciated.
>Joel Steina <mlcmlc@enter.net> 91 200q, 87 5000tq, 79 323i, & 5 motorcycles
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>From: JustaxPHX@aol.com <JustaxPHX@aol.com>
>To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>Date: Friday, December 04, 1998 4:49 PM
>Subject: '91 100 PS Hose/pump question...
>>This past weekend, I replaced the power steering hose on my father's '91
>>... although Linda @ Carlson said the hose she shipped was the correct
>>per the fiche, it didn't look quite the same.  She graciously sent me
>>hose for a '92 100 because she said  they've found some late '91s were
>>delivered with these but it looked less correct than the first hose so I
>>didn't use it.
>>Now, having installed the replacement hose, I find the steering feels a
>>"notchy" and tends to moan as if it's low on fluid whenever the wheel is
>>turned, something it never did previously ... on the positive side,
>>the bottle-a-week pentosin leak was cured!
>>Does this mean the PS pump is on its way out or that the hose I installed
>>really wasn't the correct hose, despite having the correct part number?
>>believe there's some sort of damper assemby installed in the line but
>>the pumps and racks on the Type 44 cars are functionally identical if not
>>identically identical, I didn't figure there'd be any problem with using
>>that wasn't an exact match ... any advice?