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Re: Brakes


I have just gone through the same issue with my '83 Ur-Q.  Certainly a very
different vehicle, but for what it is worth I found that the piston on one
side had rusted solid in the caliper in the engaged position.  This had the
effect of completely destroying the inner pad on that side, eventually
wearing down to the metal, which was when I became aware of the problem.  An
early indication however was the loss of the handbrake, which I had
attributed to a failed cable.

Good luck.

John Corbs

Jeff Myers wrote:

> Listers,
> I have a right rear brake grinding on a 93 V8.  It came up suddenly and
> seems to only occur at very slow speeds, parking etc.  Braking at higher
> speeds there is no grinding.  Can anyone address any solution?  I know
> it is about time to replace the brakes all around, so maybe this is the
> solution.  However, it arose so suddenly I thought it may be another
> problem.  Also, can anyone recommend a source for pads. TIA
> Jeff Myers
> 93 V8