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Re: Exhaust hangers

At 06:01 PM 12/1/98 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>I'm told that the Coupe quattro 20V has reinforced exhaust hangers
>with an 893 ... number.
>Anyone verify?

i haven't found reinforced replacements for the open donut hangers used
rearmost on my tqw, but i have replaced the other hangers as well as those
on my jetta with bicycle-chain-reinforced units that i purchased from
techtonics tuning (a vw tuner) in oregon for about $6 apiece.
the ones in my jetta have lasted for years, and there is one that usually
broke at least once a year with the non-reinforced units.
(and half the jettas on the road have the familiar muffler tilt from this
broken hanger...)