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Re: Today...Has been a great day...

My wife has taken a job "over the hill". This is a Bay Area commute over
Highway 17 from Santa Cruz to San Jose. Many are familiar with it. Lisa
complained one day about a slow A8 driver hogging the fast lane. She had
to pass it on the right in her 87.5 coupe. 
   After seeing someone drive a desireable vehicle badly, do you ever
find yourself saying "Give me that car! I'll show you how to drive it!"?
I thought so.

Brendan/Coolian wrote:
> Yes, folks, today in typical Boston traffic, my older, wiser 87 4kq did the
> impossible: I passed a Lamborghini Coutach (sp?).  Ok, Ok, it was only
> doing 30 mph and he was trying to fix his rearview mirror, but damn it was fun.