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RE: Italian tune-up

Stated a little clearer, an Italian Tune-Up means driving the car on a
moderately long high-speed or more importantly high RPM drive to clear out
the carbon and, more importantly for older Italian cars that were notorious
for fouling their spark plugs when idling too long, clean the fouled spark
plugs.  Ahh... the beauty of electronic ignition.

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> It involves "blowing the carbon out of the system".  Back from when old
> Italian cars actually needed to be driven hard (like a good horse)...
> At 09:48 AM 12/5/1998 ,  Chris Bishop was inspired to say:
> >  > If the car is started and shut off (as in moving it
> >  > around or in and out of the garage) it will do this.
> >  > A good Italian Tuneup is in order.
> >  > 
> >  
> >  
> >  Just exactly what is an Italian tune-up?
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