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Re: 15x7.5 rims on 4kq?

Dan Simoes wrote:

> Usually you see 15x7, right?  My BIL just got a set of ACT
> rims, 15" x7.5", 37mm offset.  These should work with a 4kq
> or 90q right?  I imagine you might need to go a bit wider on the
> tire though.

The offset may be a little funky.  The 37mm is the exact correct offset
if you have 7" wide wheels.  For a 7.5" wheel, the offset should be

BTDT as I'm running 16x7.5" TSW's with 215 width Pirelli's on the turbo
GT and they fit like a glove.  I'm not having any problems with rubbing,
but might if the offset was slightly different.

My $0.02 & YMMV


(currently displaced to Toronto & Audi-less!)