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RE: How safe are our tyres?

>BTW, an H rating is for 112 mph.  The ZR rating refers to tires above the
>Vrating.  The speed rating is molded on the tire with the load index*
>(together these represent the service index of a tire) after the size.
>ZR tires will have a W or Y in the service index and if it's a W or Y

	Great report Richard.  One correction.  H rated is for 130mph.
112 mph is S rated I think but not sure.  There are like 3 ratings in the
110 to 116 mph group.  T,S and one other.  Q is below that at like 89
mph???  H is 130.   V is 149 etc on up the line like you said.  
	One question, W and Y rated tyres are still Z rated.  Z is better
though as it is still unlimited?d  That would make sense.  So a W rated
tire is still Z rated but limited to what you said but a straight Z can be
higher?  I didn't know that.
Thanks for the write-up
	Also, your part on incrasing tire pressure.  What pressure is that
from???  Adding 5 psi if you want to sustain 150 mph is great but add 5
psi to what, NOT the Max pressure I am assuming, that doesn't make sense.
Can you explain that a bit more.  Thanks

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