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[Fwd: strange noises after changing 3b Tbelt]

I've been lying low on the 200q20v list after purchasing my Indigo Mica
1991 TQW and attempting to
replace the tbelt.

It has become somewhat more of a project than I first expected.  I
removed the bumper, intercooler,
crossmember, aux radiator to better access the tbelt/H20 pump. I also
replaced the thermostat
while it was (HA!) somewhat accessable.

In the process of removing/reinstalling the idler pulley, I ended up
breaking the pulley bolt,
which necessitated the removal of the oil pan (further complicated by a
drain bolt whose removal
in itself became a project) and the oil pump.

Luckily? the bolt remains came out of the engine block easily. I
reassembled everything, replaced the oil
pump and pan gaskets, then turned over the engine by hand, then without
the coil connected to ensure
that the timing was correct.

The engine turned over immediately after connecting the coil (Good sign)

The problem is that I am getting an intermittent groan from the front of
the engine. I can't tell
if it's the oil pump, water pump or something else.

I removed the upper tbelt cover to look at the belt and H20 pump.  The
belt appears to be properly
tensioned per Bentley ( I can just turn the belt 90 degrees with my
thumb and fore finger.

At this point, I'm baffled.  Oil pressure seems ok (about 2+ bar when
hot) , and the H20 pump is
moving coolant.  I've tightened/ loosened the accessory drive belts, and
will next try to loosen the
Tbelt a bit to see if the noise is coming from the H20 pump.

I've tried the screwdriver to the ear trick to isolate the noise. I
could not visually detect that  the belts
or the pulleys appear to be rubbing each other or a cover plate.

Any hints/tips from the experienced Q wrenches?


-Peter Schulz
1991 TQW
1990 CQ