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Q-list membership drive ;-)

To:   quattro
Last Friday I was out and about getting a new license and having the long
overdue state inspection performed on the 100CS. While I was at a local ATM
in Foxboro, waiting in line, a guy pulls up in a decent example of a 4kq. I
noticed the black stripe painted along the leading edge of the hood and
down each front fender and figured that it must be a commemorative edition.

While the 4kq owner and I were waiting in line, I struck up a conversation
about his car and he asked about mine. Turns out that the 4kq owner has had
the usual problems (doorhandles, etc) but loves the car with something like
139k miles on it, or was it 193k?. He then tells me that he's been having a
problem with the center diff, it won't engage, or something like that. So,
I turn him on to the q-list; I gave him the url and the email address. The
guys seems pretty happy with the info and says that he's got email at work.
On the way out he then throws this little bomb, "Man, its a great car, and
I only paid $100 for it!" Talk about stepping in it.

So, we may see a question from a new 4kq owner coming; he'll ask about his
center diff. My membership duties have been performed for another year. So
what do I get now, a toaster?

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 42k mi