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Re: [OT] RE: Valentine One Upgrade!

YOu should be well covered then.  If it is Super-Wideband Ka then that
should cover everything.  I am holding out for a V-1 though.  If only I
can afford it.  Latest car mag test I read had the V1 in it and wow, it
reavealed all.  V-1 Crushed the competition.  I was impressed.  Of course
for Laser, I dont care what you have, you'd better have a stealth car with
awesome brakes.  Maybe a black 5ktq with no Chrome, Shield over front
plate, Euro Lights on in daytime to flood the spectrum, and Big Reds to
bring it down to a reasonable speed.  Hmm, that might work.  L8R


On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Ken Keith wrote:
> My detector is supposed to pick up "superwideband" Ka, and it's less than 8 
> months old, so I hope it is at least supposed to pick up the new Ka.  Whether 
> or not is does a good job of it or not is another story.  (I'm happy with my 
> radar detector, although I am envious of V1 owners)