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Re: type 44->a6/100 CC update info(long, but worth it!)

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Heater core valve, temp flap, and defroster flap are actuated by motors
> with a feedback resistor.  This is true in almost every car made by Audi
> and Porsche from 1985-ish on.  My car makes similar noises.  I'm not sure
> if all 3 flaps are motor controlled in all the cars.

The temperature flap is run this way on the 5k, but the heater core
valve is vacuum actuated (from the same solenoid as the recirc/fresh
door) and so is the defroster flap, if we're talking about the same
thing, i.e. the flap that determines whether or not air flows out the
defrost vents.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k