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Re: Milestone

Amazing.  Just goes to show that if you properly maintain an auto. they
will nearly run forever.


> From: Paul Hill - PKO <Paul.Hill@digital.com>
> To: 'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
> Subject: Milestone
> Date: Friday, December 04, 1998 5:22 PM
> I know this is inconsequential trivia, but...
> My trusty 1986 5KCSTQ finally made it to the 300K mile mark.
> It's still remarkably original. The engine has had nothing done except
> periodic timing belt replacement, the drive train is all original
> (including CV joints, wheel bearings, clutch etc.) and after 12 years
> and 300,000 miles of New England ice snow and salt, it still has the
> original exhaust system! 
> One of the rear wheel bearings is starting to make noise now, and I
> think I will change the "bomb" (also original) as well soon. If the euro
> lights I ordered (and paid for weeks ago..grrrrr....) ever arrive, my
> one major complaint about the car will be fixed and I can look forward
> to a pleasant winter driving season.
> On to the next 100K 
> Paul