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RE: P700z

> 215/50-15 P700z are OE fitment on the Ur-quattros with 8x15 wheels, that
> size being the largest that you can fit without body rub during
> enthusiastic
> driving.
... actually, my car came with a set of 215/50-15 P7Rs on the 8" wheels.  I
can confirm that on an '83 QTC with the original rear bodywork even this
combination will rub during enthusiatic driving ... or more normal driving
with someone sitting in the back ... :-)

> How many other tyres are made in that size? I only know of two, Goodyear
> Eagle and Yokohama AVS, the first are rare as hens teeth in the UK and the
> second are mind-numbingly expensive so are also as rare as hens teeth.....
... I actually purchased a set of Dunlop SP8000s in that size (given a set
of 7" Fuchs wheels these tires don't rub ... :), but unfortunately, they are
NLA.  Since I lost one to a puncture in the sidewall my ur-q is shod with a
set of 205/60-15 D60A2's on 5000 turbo wheels ...

It seems to me that I see tires available in that size on the Tire Rack
website ... I'm pretty sure I saw that P4000s are available ... and not that
expensive ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)