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Re: YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! was: Valentine One Upgrade!

Believe me, I am.  I'm just so glad I could use the list to get the atrocities
off my chest. ;-)

'97 A4t
'90 CQ

Richard Beels wrote:

> At 09:54 AM 12/7/1998 ,  Christopher A. Woodward was inspired to say:
> > AFAIK, so I had to do some serious truth-bending to get customers to walk
> away
> > with these pricier models.
> > FCC for traffic radar gun use.  Again, AFAIK, not used in Georgia, so some
> > serious lying to push these models out the door.
> > unsuspecting customers).  Ka was still not used in GA!  Yet their sales put
> > dollars in my pocket.
> Which you then used to buy a CQ.  Which was then stolen (just rewards?).
> At which time, you then made an extra bundle from the ins co....
> You should be ashamed of yourself...  ;-)
> Cheers,
>         Richard
>         88 90Q "Hannu" - K+N, new vac hoses, still 0.0 bar....
>         88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally