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re: insurance

Steve wrote:

>Someone decided a $250 Pioneer cassette deck was too good to pass up, and
>broke the rear quarter window and took it off my hands on Saturday night.
>Yanked on console, and broke at least one window switch. Drivers, now down
>only :(. Also took Nikon SLR and lenses, cell phone, and my talking digital
>multimeter. (Don't laugh, it's great for under dash stuff!)

Bummer. Sorry.

>Called cell phone company to cancel, first thing!
>The insurance company has verbally told me they aren't responsible for
>"contents", but I can't seem to locate that little provision in the OAP 1.
>They say my home insurance covers that. Surprise, living in a steel doored
>concrete high-rise, I don't have any. Although it seems they would cover it
>if another vehicle was involved. Hmm

I *think* that's correct, but will let someone who knows comment. I just
wanted to mention that renter's insurance is awfully inexpensive, on the
order of a couple hundred dollars a year, and it covers you against a
variety of things.

Also, if any of this stuff was work related, maybe your company will
reimburse you. If not, losses like this may be tax deductible, at least in
the US.