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4000 quattro - leaking crank shaft seal

Greetings Listers,

Thanks to the advice of many of you, I finally completed my timing belt,
pulley, water pump, belts, hoses and oil seals (cam and crank) job.
Unfortunately after running the car for about 3-4 minutes there was an 8
inch round puddle of oil on the floor directly under the front of the
engine.  Now before you all jump to tell me that I forgot to replace one of
the bolts, I have to say I am pretty certain that I got them all back.

Here's what I'm thinking:

A:  I did not properly seat one (or both of the seals.)  I suspected the
crank seal because it went in with finger pressure and a bit of a snap.
Should the face of the seal be flush with the lip or countersunk a bit?
I'm hoping this is the case and I ONLY have to tear it all apart again and
properly seat the seal.

B:  I got the wrong part.  Can anyone verify that both the cam and crank on
the front of the engine are the same part number (026 103 085 D?) I would
find this rather unlikely since they are so very close in size but  an Audi
dealer quoted a different price for each of them?(not where I bought the

C:  (Hopefully not this one) While prying out the old seals with a mechanics
pick and screwdriver, I damaged the housing such that the new part could not
properly seal.  How much marring can be tolerated?  If too much, can it be
repaired?  I thought that I made a pretty clean pull.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

And one last question:  Can oil deteriorate the material of the timing belt?
I'd rather not do be doing this job again for a while!

Thanks a million,

1984 4kq